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Evaluation of the validity, acceptability and usability of bio-mathematical models to predict fatigue in an operational environment

We are conducting a study in the Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA), which is an isolated and confined habitat located at Johnson Space Center. The experiments that occur in HERA are designed to mimic the experiences that future astronauts might face during long-duration spaceflight. Teams of four individuals live in HERA for 45-day missions. The HERA crew remains in the habitat during the entire mission while conducting studies and experiments. Our project involves evaluating how well bio-mathematical models of fatigue compare to actual alertness and performance in this operational environment.

NASA Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) Analog Mission
NASA Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) Mission Habitat
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Curator: Phil So
NASA Official: Erin Flynn-Evans
Last Updated: March 10, 2021