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The Ocular Imaging Laboratory (part of the Vision Science and Technology Group) at NASA Ames Research Center conducts scientific research in the area of human eye movements, and develops technology for their measurement.
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* The Ocular Imaging Laboratory is no longer operational. This site is for historical purposes only *

The Ocular Imaging Laboratory develops image-based technology for passive eye monitoring, and applies these technologies to scientific problems both basic and applied.  The P.I. Jeff Mulligan has had a long-term collaboration with Dr. Scott Stevenson at the University of Houston College of Optometry, refining the use of reverse-correlation to discover subtle changes in eye movements produced by different types of visual stimuli.  The results inform models of oculomotor control used to predict behavior in dynamic environments, such as those encountered while piloting aerospace vehicles.

Much of the work of the lab is performed with the help of QuIP, an in-house software project for "Quick Image Processing" using an interpreted scripting language.  QuIP was recently ported to Apple mobile operating system iOS, and has been used to implement apps for vision testing and fatigue assessment.  QuIP is freely available under the NASA Open Source Agreement.

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QuIP (Quick Image Processing):

New release of QuIP image processing software. QuIP is an interactive environment for image processing and related applications, such as eye movement analysis. Now ported to iOS!

> Visit the QuIP section for more information.
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Curator: Phil So
NASA Official: Jeffrey Mulligan
Last Updated: February 28, 2022