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Vimmy Gujral
Research Associate
Phone: 650-604-3367
E-Mail: Vimmy Gujral
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(2020)  NASA Group Achievement Award, UTM - Technical Level Capability-4 Demonstration
(2019)  NASA Group Achievement Award, ATD-2 IADS Field Demonstration Team
(2018)  Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD) Associate Administrator (AA) Award, Technology and Innovation Group Award- ATD-2/IADS Field Demonstration Team
(2017)  NASA Group Achievement Award, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) Team
(2017)  Ames Honor Award, UTM Technical Capability Level 2 Demonstration
Publications Header
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J. . Mercer, A. N. Gomez, C. A. Wolter, N. . Bienert, T. E. Edwards, L. H. Martin, V. . Gujral, & J. R. Homola (2016) Impact of Automation Support on the Conflict Resolution Task in a Human-in-the-Loop Air Traffic Control Simulation, Proceedings of the 13th International Federation of Automatic Control, Human-Machine Systems, 30th August-2nd September, 2016, Kyoto: Japan Click to read more
PDF download  P. U. Lee, R. . Mogford, W. W. Bridges, N. J. Buckley, M. . Evans, V. . Gujral, H. . Lee, D. N. Peknik, & B. . Preston (2013) An Evaluation of Operational Airspace Sectorization Integrated System (OASIS) Advisory Tool, Submitted for approval to Proceedings of the AIAA Aviation 2013 Conference, Los Angeles, CA Click to read more
PDF download  R. . Mogford, W. W. Bridges, V. . Gujral, P. U. Lee, & B. . Preston (2013) Generic Airspace Survey, Proceedings of the AIAA Aviation 2013 Conference, Los Angeles, CA Click to read more
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NASA Official: Joey Mercer
Last Updated: August 15, 2019