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Human-in-the-Loop Evaluation of Ground-Based Automated Separation Assurance for NextGen  (2008)
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This paper describes human-in-the-loop research at NASA Ames Research Center on service provider-based automated separation assurance for the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen). Key human/automation integration aspects such as levels of automation and roles and responsibilities of automated separation management are investigated in the Airspace Operations Laboratory. A trilogy of part-task studies was designed to examine efficiency, safety, workload impact and acceptability of central aspects of the concept. Findings from a 2007 study on strategic trajectory-based automated separation assurance with data link-equipped aircraft are discussed in detail. Preliminary results on mixed operations with data link and conventional aircraft gathered in spring 2008 are included. The experiment design for investigating tactical safety assurance and off-nominal situations in summer 2008 is outlined. This research was funded by the Separation Assurance element of NASA’s Next Generation Air Transportation System - Airspace Project.
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Assurance, Automated, Based, Evaluation, Ground, Human, in, Loop, NextGen, Separation, the
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ICAS 2008-11.4.5, 6th International Congress of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS), and AIAA-ATIO-2008-8885, Anchorage, Alaska, Sept 15-19, 2008
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