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The TCSim Route Analyzer/Constructor (TRAC) is a graphical design, fast-time simulation, and analysis tool designed to support iterative design of NextGen air traffic management concepts. TRAC enables current airspace elements, such as charted procedures and sector boundaries, to be visualized, and allows researchers to rapidly prototype new elements using graphical manipulations and analyze their characteristics. It also provides automated support for designing sets of terminal area routes to multiple airports. TRAC enables visualization and analysis of traffic data, ranging from flight profiles produced by various simulators to recorded radar data from actual operations. An analyst can replay traffic with configurable data blocks, as well as produce plots of available variables. TRAC outputs a variety of commonly used air traffic management metrics.

TRAC also performs fast-time Monte Carlo simulations of NextGen concepts. It enables researchers to automatically generate traffic scenarios, specify test schemes that include variations of actual and forecast winds and weather, and output desired metrics. Simulations can include TRAC air traffic controller agents that can control simulated traffic using control strategies defined through graphical interfaces.

TRAC complements the other AOL technologies by outputting new airspace elements and traffic scenarios in the required formats and helping researchers to identify traffic scenarios for use in human-in-the-loop simulations and analyze data produced by MACS and the ADRS. TRAC is currently being used to support NASA Airspace Systems Program project.

Point of Contact: Todd J. Callantine, Ph.D., San Jose State University/NASA Ames Research Center
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Curator: Phil So
NASA Official: Joey Mercer
Last Updated: February 16, 2021