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Controller-managed spacing within mixed-equipage arrival operations involving Flight-Deck Interval Management  (2012)
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New NASA research focuses on integrated arrival operations along efficient descent profiles using advanced scheduling automation, tools to aid air traffic controllers, and airborne precision-spacing automation to enable fuel-efficient arrivals at busy airports during peak traffic periods. This paper describes an initial human-in-the-loop study and presents results that address human factors of controller tools and operational procedures for managing a mix of scheduled arrivals in which some aircraft use Flight-Deck Interval Management (FIM) automation to achieve precise spacing behind their lead aircraft. The results are consistent with prior research and suggest potential enhancements from the groundside perspective to support mixed-FIM-equipage arrival operations.
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arrival, Controller, Deck, equipage, Flight, Interval, involving, managed, Management, mixed, operations, spacing, within
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Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, San Francisco, CA July
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