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Initial investigations of controller tools and procedures for schedule-based arrival operations with mixed Flight-Deck Interval Management equipage  (2012)
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NASA's Air Traffic Management Demonstration-1 (ATD-1) is a multi-year effort to demonstrate high-throughput, fuel-efficient arrivals at a major U.S. airport using NASA-developed scheduling automation, controller decision-support tools, and ADS-B-enabled Flight-Deck Interval Management (FIM) avionics. First-year accomplishments include the development of a concept of operations for managing scheduled arrivals flying Optimized Profile Descents with equipped aircraft conducting FIM operations, and the integration of laboratory prototypes of the core ATD-1 technologies. Following each integration phase, a human-in-the-loop simulation was conducted to evaluate and refine controller tools, procedures, and clearance phraseology. From a ground-side perspective, the results indicate the concept is viable and the operations are safe and acceptable. Additional training is required for smooth operations that yield notable benefits, particularly in the areas of FIM operations and clearance phraseology.
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arrival, controller, equipage, Flight-Deck, Initial, Interval, investigations, Management, mixed, operations, procedures, schedule-based, tools
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Proceedings of the 12th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations (ATIO) Conference, Indianapolis, September
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Last Updated: August 15, 2019