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Human-in-the-Loop Simulation of Trajectory-Based Terminal-Area Operations  (2010)
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A human-in-the-loop simulation evaluated decision support tools and display enhancements for terminal-area controllers managing high-density traffic flying Optimized Profile Descents along Area Navigation routes. Twelve trials compared nominal operations with and without prototype decision support tools and displays for two treatment levels of traffic scenario and forecast wind errors; four additional trials investigated the role of an 'arrival planner' who could issue path adjustments to aircraft as they entered the terminal area under off-nominal conditions. The results indicate that while the prototype decision support tools enabled improved schedule and route conformance, and did not increase workload, they also did not significantly improve throughput or eliminate inter-arrival spacing errors at the runway threshold. The arrival planner enabled large delays to be absorbed in the terminal area, but reduced the effectiveness of the display enhancements for downstream controllers.
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Human-in-the-Loop, Operations, Simulation, Terminal-Area, Trajectory-Based
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International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences Congress, Nice, France, 2010
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