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Managing Demand and Capacity using Multi-Sector Planning and Flexible Airspace: Human-in-the-loop Evaluation of NextGen  (2010)
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When demand for an airspace sector exceeds capacity, the balance can be re-established by reducing the demand, increasing the capacity, or both. The Multi-Sector Planner (MSP) concept has been proposed to better manage traffic demand by modifying trajectories across multiple sectors. A complementary approach to MSP, called Flexible Airspace Management (FAM), reconfigures the airspace such that capacity can be reallocated dynamically to balance the traffic demand across multiple sectors, resulting in fewer traffic management initiatives. The two concepts have been evaluated with a series of human-in-the-loop simulations at the Airspace Operations Laboratory to examine and refine the roles of the human operators in these concepts, as well as their tools and procedural requirements. So far MSP and FAM functions have been evaluated individually but the integration of the two functions is desirable since there are significant overlaps in their goals, geographic/temporal scope of the problem space, and the implementation timeframe. Ongoing research is planned to refine the humans’ roles in the integrated concept.
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Airspace, Capacity, Demand, Evaluation, Flexible, Human-in-the-loop, Managing, Multi-Sector, NextGen, Planning
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International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences Congress, Nice, France
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