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An Operational Concept and Evaluation of Airline Based En Route Sequencing and Spacing  (2007)
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This paper describes an operational concept for airline operations centers (AOC) to implement desired arrival sequences and spacing over an en route arrival merge fix and reports the results of an initial field-test. The operational concept is termed Airline Based En route Sequencing and Spacing (ABESS). ABESS allows the AOC to set up arrival flows for transition into advanced flight procedures such as Continuous Descent Arrivals (CDAs) or Flight Deck-Based Merging and Spacing (FDMS) using flight-deck equipage with ADS-B capabilities. ABESS is similar to other operational concepts and tools that shape arrival streams such as the Self Managed Arrival Resequencing Tool or the Air Traffic Management Automation system. ABESS allows the AOC to shape arrival stream and spacings via uplink of direct speed advisories. This operational concept received an initial evaluation during a field-test at the UPS AOC in Louisville Kentucky in October 2006. The results of this initial evaluation indicate the feasibility of the procedures and identify software, accuracy, and procedural requirements for concept implementation.
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Airline, Based, Concept, en, Evaluation, Operational, Route, Sequencing, Spacing
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AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) Conference and Exhibit, AIAA-2007-6552. Hilton Head, SC: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
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