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Feasibility of an Air Traffic Control Multi Sector Planner Position from a User’s Perspective  (2006)
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Teams have traditionally performed Air Traffic Control (ATC) in the United States (US) en route airspace environment. The ‘front line’ teams are composed of two people who control a sector. These dyads divide duties, with the radar-controller (R-side) having primary responsibility for observing the radar screen and exercising ATC through radio communication with flight crews. The radar-associate (D-side) has primary responsibility for managing flight progress strips and serving as a strategic aide to the radar controller. Each member of the team has many other duties, including coordination with adjacent sectors and maintenance of common situation awareness. Both are responsible for safe, orderly, and expeditious flight progress of traffic in and around their area of responsibility.
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Air, Control, Feasibility, Multi, Perspective, Planner, Position, Sector, Traffic, User’s
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Proceedings of the 27th EAAP Jubilee Conference, Potsdam, Germany
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