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A Closer Look at Automation Behavior during a Human-in-the-Loop Simulation  (2014)
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A 2012 Human-In-The-Loop air traffic control simulation investigated a gradual paradigm-shift in the allocation of functions between operators and automation. Air traffic controllers staffed five adjacent high-altitude en route sectors, and during the course of a two-week experiment, worked traffic under four different function allocation concepts aligned with increasingly mature NextGen operational environments. These NextGen 'time- frames' ranged from near current-day operations to nearly fully-automated control, in which the ground systemís automation was responsible for detecting conflicts, issuing strategic and tactical resolutions, and alerting controllers to exceptional circumstances. This paper continues the investigations reported in previous publications. Analyses of data surrounding the conflict-resolution task serve as the context in which we investigate the interactions between controllers and the automation.
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Air, Automation, Behavior, Closer, conflict-resolution, controllers, during, Human-in-the-Loop, Look, nextgen, Simulation, traffic
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Proceedings of the Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC), Colorado Springs, CO
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