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How Important Is Conflict Detection to the Conflict Resolution Task?  (2016)
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To determine the capabilities and limitations of human operators and automation in separation assurance roles, the second of three Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) part-task studies investigates air traffic controller's ability to detect and resolve conflicts under varying task sets, traffic densities, and run lengths. Operations remained within a single sector, staffed by a single controller, and explored, among other things, the controller's conflict resolution performance in conditions with or without their involvement in the conflict detection task. Whereas comparisons of conflict resolution performance between these two conditions are available in a prior publication, this paper explores whether or not other subjective measures display a relationship to that data. Analyses of controller workload and situation awareness measures attempt to quantify their contribution to controllers' ability to resolve traffic conflicts.
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Air, allocation, Conflict, control, Detection, factors, Function, Human, Human-automation, Human-in-the-loop, Resolution, simulation, traffic
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How Important Is Conflict Detection to the Conflict Resolution Task?. In Advances in Human Aspects of Transportation (pp. 103-115). Springer International Publishing
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