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Evaluation of a tactical surface metering tool for Charlotte Douglas International Airport via Human-in-the-Loop Simulation  (2017)
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NASA has been working with the FAA and aviation industry partners to develop and demonstrate new concepts and technologies that integrate arrival, departure, and surface traffic management capabilities. In March 2017, NASA conducted a human-in-the-loop (HITL) simulation for integrated surface and airspace operations, modeling Charlotte Douglas International Airport, to evaluate the operational procedures and information requirements for the tactical surface metering tool, and data exchange elements between the airline controlled ramp and ATC Tower. In this paper, we focus on the calibration of the tactical surface metering tool using various metrics measured from the HITL simulation results. Key performance metrics include gate hold times from pushback advisories, taxi-in/out times, runway throughput, and departure queue size. Subjective metrics presented in this paper include workload, situational awareness, and acceptability of the metering tool and its calibration
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air, Airport, Charlotte, Douglas, Evaluation, human-in-the-loop, Human-in-the-Loop, integrated, International, management, metering, metering, operations, Simulation, surface, surface, tactical, tactical, tool, traffic
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Proceedings of the 36th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC), St. Petersburg, Florida: IEEE/AIAA
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