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Usability test of a prototype UAS awareness interface for public users  (2019)
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A tool to give the public a window into Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) operations was created from an existing data collection tool. The interface included a map and a table showing details about UAS operations that could be queried in a number of ways. Eleven participants attended the study, successfully completing a 19-item task set in about 30 minutes. They correctly found information for 87% of the non-subjective tasks at a rate of around a minute per task and rated the usability of the tool at the end of the session above the industry benchmark. Participants gave favorable reviews of the "public portal tool", even reporting that they would be satisfied with less information than it presented. There were one or two elements of the display that users found distracting and some navigation functions that need improvement but, on balance, the public representatives liked the features they saw in, and had few criticisms of, the public portal tool. One important issue for the small Unmanned Aerial System community to resolve will be how much or how little information should be available about UTM operations to members of the public.
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Aerial, awareness, interface, Management, prototype, public, Systems, test, Traffic, UAS, UAS, Unmanned, Usability, users, UTM
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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics 63rd Annual Meeting (HFES 2019), Seattle, Washington, October 28-November 1
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