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Impact of ATD-2 Tools on Human Factors Metrics at Charlotte Douglas International Airport  (2020)
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New decision support tools were introduced at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) as part of NASA's Air Traffic Demonstration 2 (ATD-2) project. ATD-2 is based on concepts which enable integrated arrival, departures, and surface (IADS) operations in a metroplex environment. Metrics on environmental benefits from ATD-2’s surface metering at CLT have shown impressive reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Questions have remained on 1) the human factors impact of these new ATD-2 tools and surface metering and 2) the users' perceptions of how these tools affect operations. To address these questions, post-bank surveys were designed for the four types of users of the new tools at CLT: Ramp Controllers, Ramp Managers, Tower Traffic Management Coordinators (TMCs) and Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) TMCs. These surveys were administered during five-day blocks at three different times. Three types of banks were compared: No ATD-2 tool use, ATD-2 tool use, and ATD-2 use plus surface metering. Results indicate that higher workload or decreased situation awareness was not significantly associated with ATD-2 tool use more than no ATD-2 tool use--in fact for many users the opposite was true. Also, acceptability and operational efficiency measures indicate that the users did not perceive that banks with ATD-2 tools were significantly less acceptable or less efficient than banks without ATD-2 tools.
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Airspace, Arrival, ATD-2, Demonstration, Departure, Evaluation, Factors, Field, Human, Integrated, Metering, Operation, Surface, Surface, Technology
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In 2020 AIAA/IEEE 39th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) (pp. 1-10). IEEE
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Last Updated: August 15, 2019