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Upper E Traffic Management  (2020)
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This is a slide set as part of a meeting series with members of a working group aimed at the development of a concept that addresses needs and gaps in the management of high altitude airspace operations. This concept leverages elements developed through the UAS Traffic Management project with respect to a cooperative, service-based approach that provides services and capabilities in areas (e.g., Upper E airspace) that currently receive no or limited service from Air Traffic Control. This concept is meant to provide a safe, fair, and scalable approach to management of Upper E operations that reduces the burden on ATC while providing the flexibility and access desired by current and new users of the airspace. This set of slides includes an overview of discussions and industry news covering the time since the previous group meeting, a recap of the group's history and road ahead, a discussion of industry's initial position on, 'Industry principles for ETM rules of the road: Conflict identification and resolution,' and a simulation roadmap for planned work ahead.
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, Airspace, Altitude, ETM, High, Operations, Upper E Traffic Management
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Presented at NASA Upper E Traffic Management meeting, 10/23/20
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Curator: Phil So
NASA Official: Joey Mercer
Last Updated: August 15, 2019