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Behavioral Indicators in Air Traffic Control: Detecting and Preventing Performance Decline  (2021)
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Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safety and efficiency of air traffic and therefore must maintain a consistently high standard of performance. However, performance can be negatively affected by factors such as workload and fatigue, potentially leading to performance decline and performance-related incidents. Real-time identification of negative influences would facilitate timely implementation of supportive strategies prior to performance decline. The current study aimed to explore the concept of 'behavioral indicators' to identify when a controller was reaching a performance limit. A second aim was to capture behavioural indicators associated with performance influencing factors. A total of 65 controllers spanning Tower, Approach and En-route facilities across the United States of America were interviewed. Findings revealed that controllers were familiar with the concept of behavioural indicators, and that indicators were associated with specific performance influencing factors. Implications for implementing behavioral indicators training in control environments are discussed.
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Air, Behavioral, Control, Decline, fatigue, Indicators, Performance, Traffic, workload
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2021 International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, Virtual Event
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Curator: Phil So
NASA Official: Joey Mercer
Last Updated: August 15, 2019