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X3 Simulation with National Campaign-Developmental Test (NC-DT) Airspace Partners  (2021)
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NASA's vision for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) is to help emerging aviation markets develop a safe air transportation system that would allow moving people and cargo between places previously not served or underserved by aviation [1]. Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) encompasses a range of innovative aviation technologies (small drones, electric aircraft, automated air traffic management, etc.) that are transforming aviation's role in everyday life, including the movement of goods and people. Urban Air Mobility (UAM) represents one of the AAM concepts with highly automated aircraft, providing commercial services to the public over densely populated cities to improve mobility. The improvement of UAM envisages a future in which advanced technologies and new operational procedures enable practical, cost-effective air travel as an integral mode of transportation in metropolitan areas. This includes flying to local, regional, intra-regional, and urban locations using revolutionary new electric Vertical TakeOff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft that are only just now becoming possible
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AAM, Advanced, Air, Campaign-Developmental, Mobility, National, NC-DT, Simulation, Test, X3
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NASA/TM- 20210011098
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