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Initial Development and Integration of a Vertiport Automation System for Advanced Air Mobility Operations  (2023)
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The High Density Vertiplex Sub-Project, as part of NASA's Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Project, has been developing a reference Vertiport Automation System (VAS) to support the management of arrival and departure operations in the terminal area of a vertiport or network of inter-connected vertiports known as a vertiplex. The VAS is potentially a key element of an integrated AAM architecture that will enable greater levels of coordination and predictability for vertiport users through its integration and sharing of information, and greater control of vertiport resources for managing operators. This paper provides an overview of the VAS and a description of an initial implementation that has been integrated into a broader reference architecture as part of ongoing research. Examples from recent simulations are presented with an outline for next steps and considerations.
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AAM, Advanced, Air, Automation, Density, HDV, High, Mobility, System, Vertiplex, Vertiport
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Proceedings of 2023 AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition (AIAA AVIATION Forum), San Diego, CA
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