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Missed Approach Procedures in Advanced Air Mobility: Conceptual Exploration  (2023)
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The High Density Vertiplex Sub-Project, as part of NASA's Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Project, has been in collaboration with a team from Wisk Aero focusing on vertiport operations, procedures, and concept development. A particular area of focus has been on the development of missed approach scenarios and procedures that highlight the potential changes in the nearer- and further-term operational time frames. Such changes relate to topic areas such as airspace design, automation and autonomy, roles and responsibilities of actors and stakeholders, airspace management services and systems, as well as technologies specific to vertiport operations management. This paper presents the current state of joint concept development through the established collaboration and the application of elements in ongoing testing as part of NASA's High Density Vertiplex Sub-Project's research strategy.
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AAM, Advanced, Air, Density, High, Mobility, Vertiplex
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2023 AIAA AVIATION Forum and Exposition, San Diego, CA
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Last Updated: August 15, 2019