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Cognitive Engineering Analysis of the Vertical Navigation (VNAV) Function.  (2001)
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A cognitive engineering analysis of the Flight Management System (FMS) Vertical Navigation (VNAV) function has identified overloading of the VNAV button and overloading of the Flight Mode Annunciation (FMA) used by the VNAV function. These two types of overloading, resulting in modal input devices and ambiguous feedback, are well known sources of operator confusion, and explain, in part, the operational issues experienced by airline pilots using VNAV in descent and approach. A proposal to modify the existing VNAV design to eliminate the overloading is discussed. The proposed design improves pilot�s situational awareness of the VNAV function, and potentially reduces the cost of software development and improves safety.
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Sherry, L., Feary, M., Polson, P., Mumaw, R., and Palmer, E. (2001). Cognitive Engineering Analysis of the Vertical Navigation (VNAV) Function. NASA/TM-2001-210915. Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA, USA.
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